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Pool Opening

cartoon-swimmer-child-thumb8775022-s0jxa7Hello Neighbors!

Pool season is almost upon us and we hope everyone is excited to finally shake off the cold and welcome warmer temperatures. The tentative date the pool will open is Saturday, May 2 and will depend on how successful we are getting everything ready. We will need help putting out lounge chairs, moving patio tables, checking the pool deck for debris, sweeping the hallway and restrooms, restocking paper goods, etc. We have 3 weekends to get this done so please contact us via email if you are willing and able to help.

Thank you!

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Happy New Year!




Dear Neighbors,

We hope this finds that all are well and looking forward to another new year. The Dues letter was mailed to everyone during the first week of December and was accompanied by the Year End newsletter. If for any reason either have been misplaced both are available for download on this site.

Thank You,
Amidon Estates POA Board

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



Wishing our neighbors a very Merry Christmas


Happy New Year!

Krista, Jami & Mike

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Thank you!
Veteran's Day

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OCTOBER 21, 2014

6:30 PM


Next month the Board will present the proposed budget and dues for 2015 for your approval, which will become effective unless disapproved by a majority of the Total Association Vote. In addition, you will elect Directors to the 2015 Board. If you would like to be considered as a nominee for Director, please contact us by October 17, 2014.


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Pool Season & Misc.

Hello Neighbors,

We hope this finds everyone happy and healthy and that your summer has been an enjoyable one. We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend too!

It’s time to give everyone the heads-up on when the pool will close for the season and it looks like Sunday, October 5th will be the last day. This will also be the last day for clubhouse rentals. In addition, as with the start of the pool season, we will need a few volunteers to help put away the lounge chairs shortly after the season ends. If you are willing to help out please let us know.

Covenant Reminders – Parking anywhere but on the paved portion of your driveway is prohibited. This applies to all vehicles (not just cars/trucks) which is described in more detail in the covenants in Article VI, Section 6.05. However, some “vehicles” such as utility trailers may be parked elsewhere as determined and approved by the board. If you have a trailer or an “other use” vehicle please contact the Board to discuss an acceptable location.

Later this month keep an eye out for details regarding the Annual Budget Meeting and Election.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, only 20 days left!

Amidon Estates POA Board

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Being safe is one of the best ways to enjoy a holiday, so please be mindful of the amenity rules while using the pool this weekend. Despite several reminders to date (and signs), folks have continued to bring bottles into the pool patio area (as recent as last weekend). Under no circumstances are glass bottles (or anything glass) permitted to enter the clubhouse or pool patio area – not even if kept in a cooler. Anything in a glass container should be transferred to an acceptable container prior to entry. Bottles may be disposed of in the trash behind the fenced in area in the parking lot. We must look out for everyone’s safety – it’s not worth losing your privilege for the rest of the season.

For reasons unclear, the recycle bin has received NON-RECYCLABLE items such as: food waste (partially eaten pizza), grocery bags, styrofoam cups/plates, drink pouches, and coated paper plates. Please be careful to monitor where children are placing regular garbage. Items that are allowed: Plastics with a recycle code of 1 – 7, aluminum cans, tin, newsprint, unwaxed/uncoated paper plates and cardboard – minus the food please :D
Thank you!
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Illegal Dumping


Please be on the look-out for vehicles carrying construction or household waste roaming the community. There has been a rise in the number of dumping incidents at the Grace Lane and Amidon Drive cul-de-sac recently with 3 TV’s and broken concrete slab pieces being dumped.there. Another area of concern is along the winding portion of Bonnie Sue Drive where household garbage has been dumped. If you spot suspicious activity please get a description of the vehicle and tag number if possible, then email the details to the Board. We will then contact the county. Or you can contact the county using the information on our Home page under Local Government.

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Pool Use Reminder/Requests

Just a reminder to please be courteous about the newly designated area for smokers along the west side of the patio area. There are signs identifying the area but several members have reported non-smokers using the table in that area, leaving no table with shade for families with smokers.

Smokers, please be courteous and only smoke in the designated smoking area. A big thank you to all who are making use of the complimentary ashtrays and wastebasket.

If you think the pool needs more water, we ask that you notify the Board promptly instead of putting the hose in yourself. Filling has to be done during off hours by persons with off hours access for liability reasons.

There have been several reports of the umbrellas being left open after use. Please be aware that when open it doesn’t take much wind to ruin them and replacement ultimately costs everyone.

We want to encourage use of the BLUE RECYCLE can for aluminum cans, plastics
(codes 1-7 ONLY), cardboard & tin. Please no plastic grocery bags or drink pouches. It would also be greatly appreciated if leftover liquids could be poured out before disposal into any of the cans. Liquids add a lot of weight to the already heavy garbage making it difficult for our volunteers to lift out.

With sincere appreciation,
Amidon Estates POA

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