Getting Ready for Pool Season

Dear Neighbors,

We hope everyone is getting excited for the pool opening. We are still on a tentative track to open on May 3 but have a few things we need to do to get ready. We will need a handful of people who are handy with tools and some general helpers. If you have some time between now and April 30, please contact us with your availability so we can coordinate coming together at the clubhouse.

Thank you in advance!
Amidon Estates POA Board

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Resident Info Sheet

The Resident Information Sheet has a new line item for your key fob number. There is a 5 digit number on the under side. Providing us this number will help to improve the activation process so please make sure this is filled in when you turn in the sheet.

Amidon Estates POA Board

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Greetings Neighbors!

Just a reminder that for residents who chose the ‘Option B’ payment plan, the last payment should be postmarked no later than March 17, 2014. Late fees for any payments not received by the postmark date(s), for either plan, will be invoiced accordingly shortly after the last deadline. As always, residents with a balance due at the time of pool opening, will not have their key fob activated until the account is brought current.

We are also asking everyone at this time to please complete and sign both the Resident Information Sheet and the 2014 Amenity Rules and turn them in no later than April 1, 2014. Turning your forms in by this date will help improve the coordination of fob activation for the pool season. We have a tentative pool opening date of May 3rd, as long as there are no mechanical or other issues that would directly affect the use of the pool. Both of these forms can be found under the ‘Forms’ tab above. If you do not have access to a printer, please let us know and we will deliver them to you.

Kind Regards,
Amidon Estates POA Board

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Dear Neighbors,
     We would like to extend a great big thank you to all of you who sent in your dues payments early or by the first deadline. THANK YOU!
     As we have done several years in a row during the first week of December, we mailed out the dues letter detailing the new payment, payment options, payment deadlines, and late fees to be imposed for any deadline missed. The letter also urged you to keep the top portion of the letter to serve as a reminder of the payment schedule. With the first deadline now past (Jan. 17) and the second quickly approaching (Feb. 17), we are very concerned that 24 of you have not sent in any payment whatsoever. If you have misplaced this letter and need another copy, please look under “Forms” above where you can print it out. Late fees for each deadline missed will be calculated and invoiced after the last deadline (Mar. 17).
As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via email or Google Voice.
Amidon Estates POA Board
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Happy New Year!


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Merry Christmas

The Amidon Estates POA Board would like to wish our neighbors a
very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Thank You!

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for the outpouring of support for your board members shown at the annual budget meeting and election. Thank you for trusting that we take the best interest of the community to heart. The fact that we are also property owners greatly influences the decisions we’ve made and continue to make. Your trust and support encourages us to continue our volunteer efforts in managing the operational and aesthetic needs of our community which helps us maintain the highest possible values for our properties.

There are two purposes for the annual budget meeting and election: to vote on the proposed budget and assessments for the coming year, and to elect directors to the board. For the most part the meeting went well with a nearly unanimous vote to keep the current Board of Directors. Only a couple minor issues arose due to members misunderstanding the covenants. The first was regarding the budget and assessment vote. Several members were under the impression that they would be voting to ‘approve’ the budget, but Article IV, Section 4.03 – General Assessments says differently.

The second issue was regarding directors and officers and how they are elected/appointed. As explained in Article III of the bylaws, the annual election is for members to vote on the Board of Directors only. As for Officers, Article IV, Section 4.01 of the bylaws states that “The President and Treasurer shall be elected from among the members of the Board of Directors.” The normal reading of that provision is that the directors elect those two officers from among themselves. The provision is not in the Article governing elections by the members, and section 4.02 goes on to discuss officers serving for such terms and with such duties as approved by the board of directors. In short, the officers are determined by the board, not the membership of the association.

If there are any sections of the association’s governing documents that you are unclear on, please let us know and within our ability we will explain it. Or if you’d like to take advantage of some free online legal advice, where association related questions can be asked, here is a great website:

Thanks again for your support!

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* * * REMINDER * * *

OCTOBER 7, 2013
7 PM at the Clubhouse

The Board will present the proposed budget and dues for 2014 for your review, which will become effective unless disapproved by a majority of the Total Association vote. In addition, you will elect/re-elect Directors to the 2014 Board. The following Directors have indicated their willingness to serve in 2014: Krista Lemons, Mike Cowan and Jami Brooks.

Please make every effort to attend this meeting to VOTE and show your SUPPORT for those who volunteer their time in order to save us money and make our neighborhood a great place to live. In order to conduct business we must have a quorum of eligible members in attendance in person or by proxy. If you will not be able to attend, we encourage you to fill out and send in a proxy form, regardless of whether you have appointed someone or not, so that a quorum can be established. Proxy forms and instructions can be found on the website or requested via email or phone.

Please check our committees page under the About Us tab to see where help is needed and let us know if you are willing to help lighten the load.

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Pool Rules Reminder

At the beginning of the pool season every owner signed an agreement to abide by specific rules governing the use of the amenities and the key fob. The consequence for refusing to abide by all of the rules will be the deactivation of the fob. For example, bringing glass bottles into the pool patio area (owner or guest), loaning your fob to a non-resident, exceeding the maximum number of 5 guests without a formal pool rental agreement, and not accompanying and remaining with your guest at all times. All of these violations have been witnessed within the last three weeks. Please don’t risk cutting your summer fun in the pool short, review the rules so we can keep everyone safe and happy.

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Clubhouse Parking

We now have 15 designated parking spaces allowing for more parking than before. Please be aware that parking under the two trees up front is no longer permitted due to the parking space set-up.

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